Work Boot Care and Accessories

Leather Care

Whichever type of leather you are rockin’ on those Red Wings, whether it be Roughout, Oil Tanned, Nubuck or Smooth-Finish, you will need to care for them properly…A: to get the most life out of them…and B: to keep you looking good.

On this page, I wanted to share some of my favorite Red Wing leather care items, as well as other accessories, such as insoles and laces…because you WILL be replacing those laces several times throughout the life of your Red Wings.

The leather care items on this page are specifically designed for Red Wing leather. I have used several of these products and they just work well. Now, you can certainly buy other brands of leather care products to polish up those beautiful boots but let’s face it, you wouldn’t buy some off-brand wax to rub all over your new Ferrari, right?

This first set of leather care products are the basics and will do a great job of keeping your boots well-conditioned and looking good. It’s the Red Wing Heritage Shoe Care Gift Kit. I personally own and use this kit and it does just what I need. All of these items are also available individually. Be sure to get the correct products for your type of leather.

If you want to get more specific, Red Wing also offers the Heritage Oil-Tanned Leather Kit and the Heritage Smooth Finish Leather Kit, as well as others.

Let’s talk Laces…

I have lost count of the pairs of laces that I have gone through with just one pair of boots. I have made it a habit to purchase an extra set of laces every time I purchase a new pair of boots, just so I have them at the ready when my laces decide to call it quits. Now, if you have a local Red Wing dealer nearby, you can walk in, tell them you need a pair of laces for your Red Wings and they will give you a pair free of charge. In my experience, these are typically a lower-quality lace but will get you by for a while. If you need to purchase a set of new laces, I recommend the original Red Wing brand laces below…

leather laces red wing laces replacement

Continued Comfort

If you put a lot of miles on your boots, you will eventually need to refresh those insoles. I recommend the Heritage Comfort Force Footbed. These insoles will make your boots feel new again.

Other Accessories

Red Wing offers many other high-quality items for men and women, including dress shoes, belts, socks and other accessories. I encourage you to give Red Wing a try.