Red Wing Iron Ranger Boot: A Review Of A Stylish And Rugged Work Boot That Stands Up To Harsh Working Conditions

Red Wing Work Boot ReviewWhy Red Wing is my Work Boot of Choice…

My Story

I have been wearing work boots for many years, doing various jobs from auto repair to home construction to warehouse work to landscaping.

Over the years, I have purchased several other brands of lower-quality boots from other well-known merchants. None of them lasted more than a year and they just did not have the lasting comfort that you would expect in any shoe. In fact, some of them left me with sore feet by the end of the day.

The time finally came that I decided to spend a few extra dollars to see what true quality was all about…I have been hooked on Red Wing ever since.


If you are familiar with Red Wing boots, you know that they are unsurpassed in quality and durability. They have been making high-quality boots for more than one hundred years. Here are some attributes of the Iron Ranger:

  • High quality oil-tanned leather that is water, stain and perspiration resistant.
  • Leather insole.
  • Nickel, Bronze, Chrome or Dark Gun Metal eyelets and hooks.Red Wing working boots
  • Goodyear Welt Construction. This traditional construction stitching process is what makes Red Wing shoes so durable and comfortable. It also allows the soles to be replaced, adding years of life to your favorite boots.
  • Triple-Stitched.
  • Double-Layer Toe Cap. (If your job does not require steel toe, I highly recommend the double-layer toe cap. It offers excellent protection).
  • Each shoe is inspected twice before being packed in a shoe box.

Customer Service

I personally have not had the pleasure of having to contact the good folks at Red Wing but after looking at many reviews and answers to customer’s questions on their website, you will know that they give exceptional customer service to their end users and are willing to go the extra mile to make you happy.

What Others Are Saying About Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots…

My first pair of Redwing boots and I am in love. I haven’t worn boots in a long time. But I decided I would like a pair. After Man years of buy cheap pairs I thought I would maybe an investment. I am pleased with my purchase. I went to the store and tried them on first I went a half size lower. Slowly breaking them in but each time I put them on they feel much more comfortable. Definitely would buy them again.  H. Solivan

Beautiful yet tough and ready to work boots. They arrived darker in color due to the oil treatment Red Wing applies when compared to the picture. These boots are made to last. I’m very impressed by the quality.  Greg M.

The boots where on back order at my local Red Wing stores so I found them on Amazon for about $50 less than the store. These are made beautifully in the USA. I have several pair of Allen Edmonds dress shoes and the Red Wings make and fit are identical. Very high quality that should last years.  Ken K.Red Wing Iron Ranger

Bottom Line..

If you are in the market for a new pair of work boots or just a pair of everyday do-all boots, you owe it to yourself to give Red Wing a try.

One look at the Red Wing website, their history, their craftsmanship, their attention to detail and quality…You’ll know it’s truly a great American-made product that you can be proud to wear.

Red Wing Boots F.A.Q.

Q: Do they squeak?

A:  Not at all. Best boots ever!

Q: How comfortable are these boots? Would you recommend them for working outside all day?

A: Once you get past the initial break-in period, you’ll never own a more comfortable pair of  work boots. I wear mine for work 50-55 hours a weak on mostly concrete, plus for general non-work wear as well, and couldn’t recommend them more highly. Worth every penny.

Q: Where can I buy Red Wing Boots?

A: You can buy them through

Q: Which models have the lug sole? Do they have the brown lug sole version on Amazon?

A: All stock iron rangers have a smooth cork sole, the blacksmith and the roughneck, and beckham have lug soles. You can purchase new soles from redwing in a mini lug pattern for the iron ranger.

Q: Are these work boots or casual wear boots?

A: I use them for both. I work in construction, but I’ll also clean them up and wear them out on the town if the conditions call for it.

Q: Is it really made in USA? I heard that some of models actually manufactured in China.

A: It is 100% made in USA and states inside the boot and on the box. The higher end red wings are all USA made.

Q: Can you use insoles with these? Or do they have to be worn without?

A: I have (Sof Sole) insoles in mine and have enough “toe wiggle” room in my Iron Rangers. However, they don’t work as well in my Roughneck Moc toe boots. Red Wing sells their own insoles that you can you in their boots, but I haven’t tried them.

Q: Does this boot have the nitrile cork, or vibram outsole? The photos are the vibram, while the video shows nitrile cork.

A: The pair I purchased has cork. You can also find the vibram soles on Amazon if you look around. Pay attention to the pictures and description.


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